Crowd Funding Project




Next Level Africa is all about Crowdfunding!


For the Package 1 fee of 15 CHL, our Crowdfunding platform is available to members to develop their own special project.  Because a personal Crowdfunding page is our primary product, Next Level Africa fully intends that all members will develop their own project.  There is one exception to this for members with multiple accounts, a feature we call Piggybacking.  More about Piggybacking below.


Each member may have ONE project per account, however duplicates of the same project will not be permitted.  You may develop a similar project if you have multiple accounts as long as they are not duplicates.  They must have a different title and content information even if the donations will be going to the same organization or project.


The best way to promote a crowdfunding page online is to purchase a yearly PAID PROFILE for 2.95 CHL.  


In order to qualify for upgrading to Package 2, members must have a crowdfunding page or have piggybacked on to another members project.


Step by step instructions on how to build your own personal crowdfunding page are found on our information site



We realize many Next Level Africa members have multiple accounts and are not yet ready to add your own personal crowdfunding project to each of these accounts.   Because you are required to have a crowdfunding project in order to purchase Package 2, Next Level Africa has a feature that will allow members to move forward before they have their own project developed. This feature is called piggybacking.


Piggybacking is not intended to be a tool to raise funds for your project, it is a privilege extended to members who wish to move forward without an active project of their own.


How Piggyback works -


When the piggyback icon is clicked from the NLA backoffice, one member’s crowdfunding project will pop up.  

As soon as one member clicks JOIN and pays $5 to this project, 2 things happen:

-the paying member is now eligible to proceed to purchase Package 2

-the receiving project goes to the end of the list of projects and the next project in line on the piggyback list appears.


This system offers a fair rotation of all projects listed in Next Level Africa.  



Our goal is to have the Next Level Africa Community Crowdfunding site as professional and ‘audience captivating’ as possible.  To achieve this, all new projects will be subject to review.  


Project pages must follow certain guidelines to be approved:


  • Content must be family friendly.

  • Projects must have a photograph attached (video is optional)

  • Body content must give a clear description of what the project is all about.

  • Projects must have some relevance -  frivolous or ‘joke’ projects will not be approved