12 Advantages of NLA


1. Your Project Keeps 100% Of The Money Raised

You read it correctly. Unlike other Crowdfunding platforms, we receive NO revenues, commissions or admin fees from the funds you raise. It all goes to your project, right from the first dollar.


2. Smada Funding

NLA offers a uniquely structured community compensation plan. This allows the funding process to become exponential even with a small amount of donations to your project.


3. No Time-Limits

There are no pre-defined time limits for your project to be funded. This eliminates the pressure typically associated with "time-fixed funding." It also makes the Smada platform the "funding funnel" that keeps on giving


4. Get Funding Daily

No waiting for funds. As funding transactions occur, you get paid daily. Backers like the idea that you can start your project quicker. Better for you, better for them.


5. Greater Funding Opportunities

With other Crowdfunding platforms there are many categories that you are NOT ALLOWED to fund. With us, you can fund virtually any project. NO RESTRICTIONS as long as Family Friendly.


6. Hard-To-Fund Projects Get Funding

Because of our "Smada Funding" process, it takes fewer initial backers to get the momentum going. This greatly helps hard-to-fund projects get funding.


7. No Penalties

With other Crowdfunding platforms, you’re penalized financially if your project doesnt get fully funded. In other words, it costs you more. We do not think that is fair so we eliminated it from our platform.


8. You Control The Look And Feel

On your project page, you can create your own look and feel by adding video and live links with our basic word format.


9. Payment Flexibility

You also have 100% control of how you receive your funds to your project. You can use ANY credit or debit card processor. Offer Banks wires and take checks if you want too. We also have added a feature no other platform has. Crypto-Currency funding. We have partnered with Chingeling E-Commerce to provide a truly international funding source and another way for you to earn money for your project.


10. We Are The First Noble Crowdfunding Platform

It’s not just about YOU, YOU, YOU! ... It’s about helping other people achieve their funding and in doing so, your projects get funded as well.


11. It Pays To Help Others

You can help others get the funding they need. How’s that? Just introduce them to our platform and get paid.


12. Piggy Back Program

Our Piggy Back Program gives you the ability to support another project in our NLA community. If you do not have a crowd funding project of your own. This can be changed at any time if you do decide to set up your own crowd funding project.

You can Crowdfund just about anything, however, there are a few restrictions. Example: No pornography or related items, Weapon sales, Hate speech, Narcotics or Illegal activities. Only Family Friendly projects will be approved.